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Pure Gold  The rottenness in the heart and spirit, the stuff that come out of one's mouth., Spiritual Harm. Also Straight Talk.

About Sanctification; Sanctification is not striving to conquer a sin unto death. Justification has freed the Christian from condemnation. The Christian must now overcome disobedience in his or her private life,            (the rottenness in the heart and spirit). We all have a free will. Only one personally can surrender Self to be crucified. That is the Cross each Christian must bear. The Old Man has to be replaced by a Christ like man, (the Image of Christ). Receiving Christ is power in one's spirit, help from the Holy Spirit to conquer the Old Man, Self. God will not rob a human (forced obedience) of Self. One must willingly give-up Self (one's own way) just as Jesus willingly gave his life to do the Will of God. Now a personal relationship with God is necessary. Private prayer, bible reading, meditating and for a time stand in quietness before God.  

What do I pray for ???

Pray for Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding according to the will of God in Jesus name.
The Christian also ask that God lead and guide him or her according to His Will in Jesus name.
Now the Christian spends every minute possible in his or her private place, reading and meditating on the words Jesus taught. They ask themselves; what are these words saying to me so I can do them!?? The Christian looks inside of himself, (Not outside). " Watch Self!!!" If one get the inside clean, (Heart and spirit). The outside does no harm. Check one's own actions. Check one's attitude toward other people, one's feelings toward other people.

What feelings ??!!!

Pride, Lust, Greed, Partiality (Prejudices), Jealousy, Selfishness, Anger, Condemnation of other people, Passing Judgment of other people and a whole host of other things. As one meditates the light of Christ's gospel shines on this new Christian. The Holy Spirit will show the Christian his or her faults one by one over a period of time. (The Holy Spirit brings to remembrance the words of Christ Jesus). (Learn fast or suffer long). Read about discipline:   ( Heb. 12:1, 10, 11, Rev. 3:19) this time of suffering is caused by the disobedience still in one's heart and spirit,          (After conversion) disobedience brings trial, discipline and tribulations. One gets through this time of trouble only by exercising faith taking God at His Word. Also having only a will to do the Will of God. One must ask God, Lord Help me to overcome this fault or this trouble in Jesus name, "(Romans 8:13, Sanctification)." 

Beware !!!  2 Cor. 10:3-6

Many preachers take these verses to mean they (The preacher) have power to beat-up on or call into question anyone, anything that does not seem God-Like. The power here is in one's spirit (Christ in you) to conquer Self. The Christian's warfare is not with the world, the power in the Christian's spirit is to stand against disobedience rising up within oneself (A sin not unto death, 1 Cor. 11:32, 1 John 5:17). After suffering awhile the Christian should be ready to live a true Christian's life. The Christian has now been taught by the Holy Spirit to take every thought in mind captive. Any thought can be rejected if it does not pass the test of Christ-Like- Love, Forgiveness or Showing Mercy from the heart.

Christ like Love and Obedience in one's private life (And spirit) that is what makes a true Christian.

Check this; "Great Fallacy" One says I Love God. Read: 1 John 4:20.

(The right tool in a person hand is an opportunity for them to create a better life for themselves).  "2002"


 Straight Talk, what is regeneration ???  A deep work of grace that happens in one's heart.

Regeneration is a real Holy Spirit conviction. Conviction by the Word of God causes a person to agonize in his or her heart. One sees how they are cut off from the Spirit of God by their own wretched ways and life style. One's heart hurts because one knows that God is not pleased with him. He or she knows that one is condemned already unto everlasting fire. And so, one repent and cry for mercy. One knows the hand of God is on him. One knows that only God can save him or her now. The heart is in so much agony one feels he has been cast away forever. But suddenly comes deliverance. The Love of God is shed abroad in ones heart, (Something happens inside). One is astonished indeed, (Titus 3:4-7, John 3:3, 5, 8, Rom. 5:5). That is the real "New Birth" Justification before God. In Jesus name the Christian can now pray to God with a clear conscience and confidence knowing one's sins is forgiven. Also knowing he or she has a promise of eternal life. Jesus becomes lord of the Christian's life. The Christian life must now conform to an image of Christ.  

Who is a child of God ???

A regenerated Christian has power (Faith and Love) in his spirit to become a child of God, (John 1:12, Gal 4:6).
If a Christian follows Jesus, his life becomes bowels of mercy and forgiveness. The Christian does not insist on defending his or her way of doing things.
Straight Talk: It's not ritual or pious acts. It's true love of God and true love toward one's fellowman. Forget about Stuff for self. Pray and work for the body of Christ to help bring about true holiness.                               "Seek first the Kingdom and all these things will be added unto you."

2nd Corinthians 7:1 "Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God."                                                             See also (Romans 13:14, Galatians 5:16). God do not force one to obey. A Christian has to bear his own cross, that is; the Christian must deny self, (Deny one's own will and one's own natural way). Self must be crucified     (Gal. 5:24) and be replaced by the image of Christ, (Fruit). The Christian grow fruit by appealing to God in Jesus name to Help him or her overcome disobedience in their daily walk.

When one's heart was in agony thinking he or she was lost forever. God showed love, forgiveness and mercy. Now the Christian has to show love, forgiveness and mercy to his fellowman. The Christian must walk true with God and true with one's fellowman. That is now the Christian become sanctified through the Spirit of God (Romans 8:13). The Christian has a free will; he (The Christian himself) is the only one who can give his consent to destroy self. (The flesh and its desires for self-gratification and worldly pleasure). If one does not love God in his or her heart and if one is not single minded (Double minded) to do the Will of God he is not going to let the flesh die. (A Christian has to put on holiness). Many Christians will not divorce themselves from the ways of the world because they have not been taught that they must do so. No one can live a victorious Christian life without sanctification. Jesus gave man the words of life. By doing them the Christian come to understand the Love of God and how to apply this love in one's daily walk.


 " New " 10-2005

There is a power to keep one on the right path, most people (Christians) talk about it and everybody think they have it. But if it doesn't keep one on the right path (Obedience) one should know something is not right. Well, I say to all. One has to find it for oneself. It's inside of one not outside.

Key: One has to want to know God with all one's heart. One has to want to be right with God. So how do one find the true God? One has heard the gospel through men preaching or by other means. The bible said Jesus died for the sins of all men and all of us are sinners in need of salvation. One access the power by believing in one's heart that God raised Jesus from the dead. If one is under conviction and has not changed, go into one private place and talk to God from one's heart. Ask for Jesus to be lord of one's life.

Let me say this; one will know when a change comes. If one doesn't know a change has taken place, then one has to keep praying and talking to God. Another thing, one has to read one' bible oneself. Ask oneself this question, what does God want me to do? After one get oneself right with God. Then it's all about Loving God and love, forgiveness and showing mercy to one's fellowman.

Always ask that all you think and do be the will of God in Jesus name. Just Cal


 Straight Talk Too 

Straight Talk: Self  has to die before a Christian can love from the heart. The Christian has to keep God's commend to love, forgive and show mercy. Jesus said you are to love your enemies also. 1 John 4:20 said you are a "liarif you say "I Love God" and you don't love your brother. Who is one's brother ??? Any person that crosses one path Christian or otherwise. How can a Christian let his light shine if he or she does not have love toward all men? 

What is rottenness??? 

The Christian has Justification and a promise of eternal life. But in his heart and spirit the Christian still have human traits, (Pride, Lust, Prejudices, Anger, Condemnations, Unjust Judgments and the like). So now the Christian will be disciplined by God for his or her disobedience which is a sin but not a sin unto death because the Christian already has a promise of eternal life. God will allow this discipline for correction, so that the Christian will learn to live according to God's commandments, (Holiness in one's private life, Heb. 12:5-7). Still one has to choose to correct his or her doings. If the Christian do not correct his ways he or she is unfruitful and becomes an illegitimate child and not a Son of God, (Hebrews 12:7, 8, 10,11). 

Straight Talk: God said to Moses "I am who I am" (Ex. 3:14). For the most part in America we say "God" and everybody knows whom we are talking about. In other parts of the world, other cultures understands God  and Jesus by other names. So does that make God and Jesus less than God and Jesus as we know them?      

Straight Talk, "Power

The power one receives in one's spirit is "True Love." That spark of "True Love" is the (Seed) fruit that must grow and replace the old man or earthly spirit in one. Fruit in one's spirit is a light to the world, (Noticeable). Wisdom is hidden before our eyes, one see but then again one do not see.

Straight Talk: Jesus did not abolish spiritual law, (He full filled the law given to Moses, and we now live in the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus).  Spiritual laws are forever. Live by the Spirit, walk by the Spirit, Fulfill the law of Christ. (Gal. 5:25, 6:2).                                                               Regeneration (A renewal in spirit) or changes of direction occur in one's will. One receives the power of the cross in one's spirit to overcome (If one care to) the human traits that keep one in spiritual darkness, (Sanctification).

Sanctification produce Pure Love that leads the Christian pass himself to see the whole and oneness of all things. Jesus and the cross made spiritual life available to all men who believe in their hearts. Men no longer need to be a Guru or a Dalai Lama to receive spiritual wisdom. No one can know the true Love of God unless he or she sees the whole and oneness of all things, (1 Tim. 2:4-6). The Christian must love his lost brother. Without true love toward that lost brother; the true Spirit of God will never touch that brother, Preaching at him, without a sanctified heart and spirit is useless. Spirit must bear witness to spirit. 
Note: Because we love our brother does not mean all men will be saved. Make no mistake about it holiness, which is obedience in one's private life is the true path to eternal life, (1 John 2:3-6).  Teflon religion is out there. Holiness and obedience in one's private life is the true body of Christ, not brick and mortar. 

Take care, "2004" Calvin Richardson/Just Cal, PO Box 78 Brawley,, CA  92227,  USA                                                                         

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