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World Message Page 7 A comedy of errors which drives home a point. Be self examining and true. Also my thoughts.                   

 Have you Been to the Cross road ????

A comedy of errors to drive home a point.

Not just comedy.

Michael on guard at the Pearly Gates.

Michael;   Brother? How come you is standing round these here Pearly Gates all day ????                                                                                   You is blocking traffice!!!!

Brother;    I'm waiting for my turn to go inside!!! (Hot under the collar).

Michael;    Who is done call you up here ? Is you a Saint ? What is your name Kuz?

Brother;    You know me!! I am brother Neverquit!!!!

Michael;    (Shuffling papers) Nor"! Ain't no Neverquit on my list!!!

Brother;     Everybody knows me I'm spiritual. I sing and shout, I casteeddd!! out devils!! I prophesied! I raised much money! I built large churches! I draggeedd many sinners to the alter!!! I Neverquit !!!

Michael;     Neverquit, Neverquit,,.. Here you is, on the reject page!!! Boyy, is you some kind of ladies man, impressive record with the ladies!! If I wass,,,

Heavenly Voice!!,,..  Michaellll !!!!

Michael;     Mr.",ee'er" Neverquit you done come up here on the wrong road,,.. 
                       You is clean on the outside but your heart and spirit is jettttblack !!                                                         

                       You got to go back down the road till you come to the cross road,,,..

                       This time you take the long, straight narrow, bumpppy road.

                       Here, take some water with you and this time be sure you take spare tires!!!! ...just Cal

For Sisters; Gal "..You sure is smartly dressed"...! And you is looking good toooo!!" If I was,,,,...

                                                            (Heavenly Voice"...! Michaellll!!!).

 Michael;     Miss??? ee"".. You done come up here on the wrong road!!!!! "tooooo."

 The last word: (The last word in Christendom). Those who come Not by the way of the cross,

"Born Again"
(That heart changing deep work of Grace, Ez. 36:26, 27, 11:19, Jn. 3:8 (Regeneration), 
suddenly one is astonished that God has visited one.

 One can fool everybody else and even fool themselves. But one cannot fool God.                                                                          

True believers obtain power (love and faith) to overcome their disobedient nature!!!!(Jn. 1:12).

, PO Box 78 Brawley, CA 92227 USA "2001"


These are my thoughts and observations.

What is life about ?????

The whole world is striving to fine a plateau of peace, joy and fulfillment (Rest) in one's private life. The shortest answer to a full life (True happiness) is: When a man forgets his wants and needs, instead he lives everyday looking for an opportunity to make someone else's day. Showing them true love and / or encouragement to act on the "Word of God." Only through True Christianity can a man achieve this high plateau in life. One must understand that only through "Regeneration," the first step in God's plan of salvation can a man began to strive for this higher life. Once a man get his own life in right standing with God. He will then be given the task of peacefully helping to bring the good news of God's plan of salvation to men.

To date Christianity's greatest failure has been, it over looked the fact that to love God. A Christian must first love, forgive and show mercy from the heart to one's brother (His fellowman). The Christian must see that the whole world is striving and treading the same path the Christian himself has trodden. We all should coexist peacefully,(Brother, you do your thing and I will do my thing). But someone or myself must care enough to peacefully remain others that God is waiting for all men to come the crossroad. (Decision time). Don't over look God's greatest gift to man. The blood of Christ Jesus to cover one's sins and power (Knowledge) for one to become a child of God. Power to be obedient to the words of Christ Jesus and power to participate in building up the church, the body of Christ , (The body of Christ is not block and mortar). The true body of Christ responsibility (business) is to execute or perform the great commission (Spread the good news). But how can one assist unless one lift up Christ Jesus by showing obedience, love, forgiveness and mercy (The image of Christ Jesus) to all men? This is how Jesus drew men unto him, (Let your light shine). In preaching its not, "do as I say do, not as I do!" To get a right spiritual response from the Holy Spirit one must have a right spirit. One cannot have a right spirit unless he has love for the person he is addressing. One loves the person not the things the person is doing. 
How can a Christian condemn men for their misgivings, when the Christian himself was guilty
 of many of the same offenses before he came to the knowledge of God? How can the Christian judge how God is working in another man's life?

The works of God bring all men to a place in life where he (Man) will have no excuse, (He will know God is God). He (Man) is free to choose destruction or he can choose eternal life. Judge these words yourself think on them. God's plan of salvation is an invitation to all men. But since most men will not receive it, God has placed in His works vengeance, curses and destruction (Spiritual Authority) to pursue the unbelievers unto death. Prove to yourself this important fact.

Read: The works of God, (Ps. 7:12-16). Man's Blindness, (Ecc. 8:11). Mercy, Patience, (Job 33:29, 30). Choice, (Deut. 30:19, 20).  Prosperity, (Deut. 28:2-6). Destruction, (Deut. 30:15-19). Man reap what he sows, (Job 34:11).

My prayer is that the reader will consider God and act on His Word in Jesus name.

(I know if I keep throwing the ball some theology student or younger person down the line will catch the ball and run with it).

Take care, Calvin Richardson/Justcal, PO Box 78 Brawley, CA 92227 USA "2003"

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