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World Message  Page 6 True Salvation, Being truly born again from above. (1John 5:9,10).  

Salvation That Keeps One On The Right Path.
"There is no other name! Acts 4:12."

Again, the power of the cross is necessary. The believer must receive power in his spirit (Faith and love) otherwise he cannot overcome the inner struggles. The sum of the matter or a review is this; the trumpet is blowing for those searching for a deeper spiritual life in Christ Jesus. Jesus is the chief corner stone (Acts 4:11).  Without Jesus there is no power in one's spirit. The true Christian believes on Jesus in his heart. The power of the cross is near to any man who hears the gospel of salvation. Salvation can come anytime, anywhere a man believes in his heart. What does man believe? >>>>>> (Salvation Formula: Romans 10:9, 10, Deut. 30:14). Men believe and are convinced (by the Holy Spirit) that the Word of God is true. The gospel informs man that he is separated from the Spirit of God. In hearing the gospel he is cut to the heart, conviction. Man is sad and really broken hearted, finding himself in this situation. Man's spirit is crushed, Man now hungers and he has a thirst to be right with God. Since man believes in his heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, and he heard the gospel that Jesus is Lord and Jesus is the only access to the Spirit of God. Man confess with his lips that he want Jesus to be his Lord.

Man is feeling helpless at this point one has to see his own wretchedness. (Man sees only doom, gloom and imminent death). Man may be thinking I will die if the Lord does not help me. Man may think or say to himself. I know I love God. I know I believe God raised Jesus from the dead. I know Jesus is Lord. Man's heart is in a real crisis because he hungers and he has a thirst to be right with God. So then, if any man knows he is separated from the Spirit of God. If he is cut to the heart with conviction; he can go into his private place right now. Cry out to God in repentance and ask for Jesus to come into his heart, "Lord have mercy on me a sinner." Again believing from the heart is not just saying I believe from the mind. Conviction and a contrite heart means a crisis occur in the heart, (Receive the witness of God, 1 John 5:9, 10). "No Crisis, No Power."Read: a statement of fact (2 Cor. 7:10). Man gets over this state of mind thinking nothing has changed. But at some point suddenly a deep work of Grace happens in his heart. He will know he has been changed (Jn. 3:8). Man becomes justified before God. (All the guilt and condemnation has gone). The true Christian receives power (love) in his spirit. That Power in his spirit gives the Christian the ability to become obedient to the words of Christ Jesus, if the Christian cares enough to do so. All men have a free will. A Christian has to choose to be obedient. A true Christian should be careful to understand that after justification. There is still something he must do. He must maintain a personal relationship with God; many people think well, "I'll do the best I can!" That's not good enough! Man is in spiritual darkness since Adam's time. Jesus was the only one that fulfilled all the requirements of the law. Jesus set an example and spoke the words that would lead Christians to spiritual understanding so that they too could accomplish the same resurrection and ascension (Rom.6:5). Being in spiritual darkness is this. Christians do not yet understand how to be in perfect obedience to the commandments of God.

Most people love God, but dealing with his fellowman on a daily basis is the problem. Most Christians know they have to love and show mercy to their fellowman. They also know these acts of mercy should fulfill all requirements of the law of the Spirit. 

 What Law?

There is the law of sin. (Works of the flesh, and keeping the law which came by Moses, the code of "Thy shall nots" Failing to love from the heart, being Holy on the outside only, for show). There is also the law of the Spirit life in Christ Jesus. Everyone  is under a law (Man's duty to God to obey His commandments). The law of the flesh (Sin and death), or the law of the Spirit (Eternal life). The law of the flesh is condemned. All men under the law of the flesh will die, (Rom. 8:2, 3, 4, 13). The power of the cross redeems men from the condemnation of the flesh. If a man believes on Jesus in his heart. He is given power in his spirit, which help him to be obedient to the Spirit.

The Christian must love, forgive and show mercy to his fellowman from his heart. Under the law of the flesh, no one can love from the heart because there is no power in his spirit to check the indulgence of the flesh.  

Under the law of the Spirit through obedience and sanctification the Christian have control over his natural urges. Know this; a Christian is no longer under condemnation but he must be obedient or he will suffer lost       (1 cor. 3:15). He cannot continue in disobedience thinking, "the Lord knows I am weak, I will ask forgiveness."   This is what brings discipline and tribulation, (Prov. 3:11,12). What many Christians do not know there is man's way and then there is God's way. God's way is taught only by the Spirit of God, (Jn. 16:13, 1 Cor. 2:11,13). Again the things that cause the Christian to be in disobedience are these; pride, greed, jealousy, lust, passions, selfishness, bias attitudes, anger, unjust judgment, condemning others. Becoming a Christian does not remove these things from the heart and spirit. Therefore the Christian must surrender his faults to the Spirit.                                     That is sanctification, (2 Cor. 7:1, Heb. 12:10, 11).
Note: As stated before; the Spirit of God engages the world through men preaching.

The Christian's fight is not with the world it is with himself. The true Christian fights himself to be obedient to the Word of God. Through struggle, trials and discipline, he learns to lay aside his earthly nature. He overcomes the causes of sin or spiritual harm within himself. The results being a clean heart and spirit. When the Christian accomplishes this, he knows how to love from the heart. He understands the love of God, and how to apply love in his daily life. When a Christian is clean on the inside then he is qualified to teach others. And he can how develop the good works God has appointed for him. To the Christian, obedience is most important because if he neglect to get understanding the words of Jesus becomes a stumbling block and he will continue on in spiritual darkness. Not abiding in the love of Christ, not coming to know the true Love of God.
"Do not stumble" (1 Pet. 2:4-8, Eph. 2:20, Lk. 12:10, Matt. 21:42, (44).

This Is The Master Key, (Love).

Get understanding how to love from the heart. The words of Jesus are spiritual laws, by doing them they bring the Christian to spiritual understanding. When the Christian understands the Fathers Love, he can then overcome impediments and obstacles in his nature that keeps him from loving in his heart.  True Christ like love comes only from a clean heart and spirit. The whole plan of salvation is to bring the Christian into perfect obedience so that he may share the eternal spiritual Kingdom of God. Jesus and the cross were not for a Christian to live in disobedience and ask for forgiveness continually day by day. Jesus and the cross was power (Faith and Love) in each Christian to rid himself of his disobedient nature. The true Christian put on a new nature of love from the heart that fulfills all requirements of the Law of the spirit in Christ Jesus.
"If you forgive, one will be forgiven." (One's disobedient nature). There is one question to ask when reading the Word of God. To the believer first. Second to the nonbeliever or uninformed person.


What is the Word saying to me, so I can do it? (Obedience), in one's private life, known only to one personally and to God. Believe (Faith), Obey (Obey the Words Jesus spoke), Love, Forgive and show mercy (Be a witness and a doer).

A blessing for you: In Glee, in Adversity or in all that you Hope for, let the Hand of God guide your life from this day forward in Jesus name.

True Life starts at the crossroad. That moment in life when one knows one is Lost and is going to eternal death, (one have a feeling of Helplessness, one see that only God can save him now). (Lord have mercy on me a sinner !!!!)                          Everybody gets there at least once in a lifetime.

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