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World Message Page 5, Dealing with men, True love, Keys we all know. Principals we should live by.

How Does A Christian Deal with Men on A Daily Basis?

As all other men Christians habitat in many walks of life. There are people where ever they go who would not hesitate to take advantage, exploit or hurt them just as men harm any other person. As all citizens of the world, the Christian must also have knowledge of his surroundings; he must possess social and survival skills. Because one becomes a Christian the world does not change. The Christian's attitude change. He must understand that men are still dealt with by the rule of earthly law. That is to say, man has authority to rule on earth. Therefore whether the Christian is clergy, athlete, governor or candlestick maker. The Christian use good judgment in carrying out his daily duties.

However in all his doings he must see his fellowman as one loved by God. His attitude is to seek peace, apply love, forgive in his heart and show mercy to the extent it be possible, (Rom. 12:17, 18). The true Christian way is different from man's way because the Christian has laid aside, pride, lust, greed, jealousy, prejudices, selfishness and many other impurities. He does not condemn nor pass unjust judgments. With a clean heart and spirit, knowing the true Love of God. He can rightly judge situations and perceive danger. He stays calm in the time of trouble. True Christians show acts of mercy as unto God. He deals with men in his daily life, not as earthly nature would urge, but as a service to God, (Eph. 6:7, 8). He becomes a living sacrifice to God, doing the Will of God, (Service is spiritual worship, Romans 12:1). With a clean heart and spirit he has control over the urge to do things according to human nature. Human urges will always be in all men. Through the power of the cross true Christians have power to overcome nature. He can then be obedient to God's commandment to love, forgive and show mercy from the heart. God showed love, forgiveness and mercy to the Christian. Now the Christian must forgive, show mercy and love his fellowman. Not as man-to- man but as a service to God to a man loved by God. Tolerate the brother if possible. The true Christian becomes an ambassador for God. That is to say, he becomes a living example of God's Grace and the Love of God toward all men. A true Christian's life shines like a bright star in a black sky. He is a greater witness by deeds, which speaks much louder than a witness of many words.

There are many different churches and beliefs, which creates confusion to men without love in their hearts. One thing is set against another by design, to know the love in man's heart,
Read: "The sword, searching the inner parts"
(Lk. 12:51, 52, 1 Cor. 11:19, Jer. 25:29, 1 Pet. 4:17, Matt. 10:34).

All believers must come to the spiritual understanding that God is God of all, whether men perceive it to be something good or bad, (Prov. 16:4).
Do not judge, what looks bad may be good,"
(Matt. 5:44, 45, Rom. 14:13,14).
A heart without love can never forgive others for their shortcomings. The lost key to "be ye perfect," Is love from the heart,
(1 Cor. 13:4-7). If believers are not perfect then spiritual understanding is not yet complete.
Read: "Be perfect
(matt. 5:48)."

Get understanding from the Spirit of God. A believer must deny self. He must come to a spiritual understanding that it is the heart and spirit that must be cleansed. His struggle and fight is on the inside of himself. Self will fight until the bitter end. It's the nature of a man to survive. The old nature does not understand the believer's faith in the Word of God, and this power that has come to dispose self, get rid of self. The believer must do away with the causes of sin, spiritual harm, and disobedience. If the inside is clean so is the outside, the "thy shall nots" love from the heart does no harm to a fellowman, (Rom. 13:10). The believer acquires spiritual understanding, only when he maintains a personal relationship with God.
Read: "Get spiritual understanding, (Job 28:28)."

The Keys To The Kingdom.

Read: "Spiritual laws, keys to the Kingdom, (Matt. 16:15,-19)."

When Jesus said to Peter, "Blessed art thou Simon Barjona." Jesus knew that Peters' spiritual understanding had caused him to speak his answer, "Thou are the Christ," with conviction from the heart. Jesus: "I say also unto thee, thou art Peter,"  (A rock, also, likewise) "upon this rock." this rock Jesus, the corner stone, rejected by the builders. "I will build my church." (Point whence action proceeds from, out of, cause, Community of members, call force).
Read: "Rejected rock,"
(1 Pet. 2:4-8, Acts 4:11, 12, Lk. 20:17, Matt. 21:42).

Jesus: "I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven." The spiritual laws that can be used by all men who believe on the name of Jesus and receive power in their spirit. (Faith and love). These are the keys or spiritual laws used to acquire spiritual understanding of how to love from the heart. Believers live under Grace by the law of the Spirit in Christ Jesus. They are freed from the law of "thy shall nots" (Moses's law), if they fulfill the spiritual law of love. (Obedience).
Read: "All is forgiven clean away the causes of sin,"
(Acts 13:39, Roman 8:2, 2 Cor. 7:1).

If the believer abides in the love of Christ he will continue to grow love in his heart. More and more he will understand the love and Will of the Father. Love from the heart, spiritual understanding, checks the indulgence of the flesh, break earthly habits.
Read: "Apply the spiritual laws, not self-abasement, (Col. 2:23). (Apply by doing).

The believer should be careful to get understanding that his first priority is obedience. When Jesus said to Peter, "whatever you bind on earth, will be bound in heaven. Whatever you loose on earth will be loose in heaven." (the Keys) Jesus was referring to the spiritual laws that he taught. "My words they are Spirit and they are life," spiritual understanding (John 6:63). In the law of the Spirit the believer have an obligation to forgive. If he do not forgive on earth, he bind, retain. So neither will the believer's disobedience be forgiven in heaven, bound, retained. If the believer forgives on earth, he loose, dissolve. Then his disobedience will be forgiven in heaven, loose, dissolve, clean. What does it mean? If a believer condemns a fellowman for his wrong doings he binds, he hold it against his fellowman. Therefore the believer's wrong doings are held against the believer in heaven. If the believer show mercy and forgets his fellowman's wrong doings (disobedience) thinking he knows not what he do. That is forgiveness and the believer's wrong doings are forgiven in heaven. Results; the believer come to understand the Father's Love and how to correct his own faults or disobedience first. (Matt. 18:33-35). Then he can see clearly how to correct others, (Other men).                                                                                                                                                                          
What did the believer forgive? The believer forgave his fellowman for whatever complaint he had against him, 
(His fellowman's disobedience). The believer does not pass judgment nor condemn.

Read: These are the lost Keys hidden before one's eyes.

"Keys: "(Matt. 6:14,15, James 2:13, Luke 6:37, Matt. 7:12, Prov. 10:12).

Read: "About Judgment (Who?) And (Who not!! 1 Cor. 5:12, Rom. 2:1)."
"Forgive and forget (Col. 3:13, Lk. 6:36, Jn.20:23)."

As the believer maintains his personal relationship with God, he comes to a spiritual understanding of how to love from the heart. This love checks the desires to deal with men according to earthly nature. Spiritual laws (The words Jesus spoke John 15:3, Lk. 11:41), cleanse the believer from the inside, (Heart and Spirit). The believer puts on a new nature of love in Christ Jesus, Christ- like- love. Spiritual laws are keys to the Kingdom, (be a doer). Love from the heart is the master key. Use these keys to clear away obstacles, spiritual harm, (Disobedience) that keeps a believer in darkness.

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