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About the Author  Calvin Richardson, / Just Cal, (Simply me).

Calvin Richardson/Just Cal is not a writer. He is not a preacher, and holds no titles, has no organization. You might say, he is just an unaffiliated layman Snail-mail missionary/messenger. A Sign Post, pointing to the crossroad! Obedience! And Love from the Heart!

Just Cal communicates with prison inmates and private person's randomly nationwide one on one. Also at last on the internet. Providing spiritual knowledge and encouraging all to see another side of life. His message;     "Get it right." It's not about this Ism or that Ism, not ritual, not traditions, not about feeling good, not about Fluff and Stuffff.

It's about life and every man's duty to God. Obedience in one's private life, known only to one personally and to God. Just Cal
(simply me) is 68 (2001) retired; live in a small town 100 miles from nowhere! (Figure of speech). His friends are tumbling sagebrush and Friendly Coyotes. (Social graces? not Exactly). His path crosses just briefly with all inmates. He sow the seed (The Word) and let the seed grow Where so ever!

This is a message to the Soul. God's Will be done in Jesus Name. 

These articles are one complete message prove it for yourself. No reply necessary.
Calvin Richardson, PO Box 78, Brawley, CA 92227, USA,  "2001"

 PS Store this information for a rainy day when you are looking for real answers about life,  tell a friend.


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