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 Welcome to my Website

 People of the World 

 To College Students, Everyday People, Pundits, and Indian Chief's. To everyone looking for answers about life, whatever you accomplish, whatever path you take in life. You are just one individual who will shape the future of whatever society you live in. (That's an awesome responsibility). While you are young fun and games seem great. However there is a serious side to life. You have heard the saying: "The best things in life are free." I am 77 years old (2010) my days are numbered so I am passing on to you Free an article written by me. Serious knowledge about life you are not likely to here in plain talk. You be the judge it's free. Not just talk,     All who read the article and references will be blessed indeed.

The following articles are one complete message. To anyone who cares about real life, please read on carefully.  Look into what is said and prove it for yourself.

Highlights:  The Lost Key to a Perfect Life.

Pages 2 to 6
A world Message from God. 
Many detailed matters concerning Christian life.
Plain talk about deep things. Knowledge everyone can prove for themselves. The lost key, we all know it. We see but then we do not see love, Christ-like-love. "The lost key to a perfect life."

Page 7 
Cross Roads.                                
A skit that drives home a point. Be serious watch one self. A true Christian chooses the right road.

Page 8
Pure Gold.
A part of Christianity many people have not known, Sanctification.

Page 8
Straight Talk and Straight talk too.

Things we ought to know and take them seriously. New Birth, Love, Forgiveness. True Christianity.

Page 9
Examine self.

We all should check our life style but most of all do not forget one's spirit. The
condition of the heart.

Page 9

It's about being for real and knowing what for real is. Be a witness and a doer. True love, true salvation.

Page 10
About the Author.

No titles, no organization, just simply Cal, Just a sign post. Pointing to a true life style. Christ like love.

Page  11 
Be Blessed.
A blessing for whatever your situation.



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